Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lots to look forward to! :)

So it has been a while since I have even blogged which I hope to be better about. Look forward to my sister writing some blog posts because she is really entertaining and fun to read!

Updates since I last blogged: We did two photo shoots of accessories that I've created which I ALWAYS enjoy doing!For the last photo shoot I asked my friend Bri, who is a hair stylist, if she'd mind helping out. It was really nice because she did things to the girls hair that were simple yet looked great while wearing an accessory. Plus, it made the photo shoot feel like it was close to the real thing because models get their hair done professionally before pictures are taken of them! I have some ideas for hair styles for the next photo shoot which will be fun:) Oh and we took some pictures of my baby headbands finally! Here are a few pictures from the last photo shoots:)

I've been doing some research into options that will get my accessories out into the public to build my fan base etc. and hopefully soon there will be a website available to make purchases or through facebook so be looking forward to that as well! There is now a group on facebook that you can join to view pictures of what is new and available. Please feel free to take a look, join, or tell your friends about it:) The group is called "Wildflower Accessories" and you can also like my small business on facebook which will help others to know about my accessories! :)

As of late I have been making a few different types of flowers which will bring even more variety to what I've done so far. I'm excited to show off the finish products! There might even be some new style of jewelry too! So lots to look forward to:)

My best friends two little girls just love the headbands their mom has bought from me. They are so cute and it makes me feel good that they enjoy wearing them just as much or more than their mom! Haha...Braelyn even requested that her mom buy a pink one so she could wear it with an outfit she has! Thanks girls for your support and for being such great fans:)Here they both are sporting a headband.