Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Freedom Is Being Yourself

How good are we at letting ourselves just be who we are? Accepting ourselves for our quirks, "shortcomings", and all of the goodness that lies within us? For the past few weeks I have put forth effort to recognize when I am being true to myself and acknowledging how good that feels. I don't allow myself to feel sorry for the parts of me that I am letting others see because there has NEVER been anything shameful about the person within me. Here's an example, for whatever reason whenever I am in my Monday class I get all silly, funny and I laugh a lot. Sometimes I am even loud..louder than anyone else in the class because they are quietly working away haha...Growing up I was quiet and shy in class. Afraid to ask questions..keeping my confusion about what was being taught to myself..and just trying to get by. For those who knew me growing up if they saw me now in class they would probably be floored by the difference.  I enjoy making other people laugh and being thought of as funny. Laughter and smiles are two of my favorite things. So will I continue to be loud, silly and laugh a lot? Yes! It feels great to be myself without giving power to other people and being who I think I am supposed to be.

 Last month I met someone who reminded me about all of the great qualities I possess. Qualities I wouldn't have thought of to describe myself but nevertheless I do possess these qualities. It was so nice to feel like someone truly saw who I was and liked what they saw regardless of things that have happened in my life etc. They could see me. I've always wanted to feel seen and accepted just for who I am. I got to experience that. It was nice.

 For most of my life I have felt unseen...misunderstood..I've considered myself to not be valued by others as well as by my own self. Part of the time I have allowed myself to be treated poorly by others which reinforced the belief of not having much value. I was wrong. I do have value! I am of worth! Oh, how we believe the lies that we hear within our own minds. We let them take root and become fruitful..creating harmful damage to our self-image. How much happier would we be if we stopped believing the lies and accepting the truths? In this life we need to be kind to ourselves. To love ourselves. Would we tell a small child the same things in which we tell ourselves? No. The things we would say to a small child would be,        " It's ok. What a great job you did! Way to go! You can do it!" etc. We wouldn't say things like " Wow. What a failure you are" to a child so why is it that we are so mean and hard on our own selves as adults? I encourage everyone to work on that inner voice..the harsh critic and change the internal dialogue to positive talk only. It takes work and practice but ultimately I can say it is worth the effort! Please love the person you are because there is no one else who is just like you! You are unique and you have a lot to offer those around you.