Friday, January 28, 2011

Customer Spot Light & Engagement

Today I want to spot light a loyal fan and frequent shopper of Wildflower Accessories named Elissa. She loves to buy my accessories not just for herself but also for her friends as gifts. Elissa has just recently gotten engaged to her fiance Tobin (congrats again!). I happened to be looking at their engagement photos when I saw some pictures of her wearing a headband that I custom made for her a few months ago! It has two flowers on it: one is a plaid (red,blue,yellow & white) and the other is made out of red satin. I loved that she accessorized her outfit with this headband. It made me feel oh so happy inside and that my customers look so cute in what they buy! Don't believe me? Check out the evidence below and you be the judge;) Thanks Elissa for being such a fan of my work and I wish you and Tobin all the best!

Thank you Morgan Bennett for giving me permission to use your photos! She has her own photography business called Morgan Bennett photography. Check her out on facebook!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas-the time of loving accessories by ALL

I went home for Christmas and I brought all of the hair accessories that I have yet to sell in case my family and friends wanted to buy some. My cousin Trena's little boy, Lucas, wanted to wear the pretty flowers on his head. He didn't care that they are meant for girls to wear haha...the pictures below are of my Grandma placing some on Trena's head after she's put some on Lucas's and just of Trena with Lucas. They're so cute!


I was able to meet up with one of my best friends, Daniell, while traveling back to Utah because I had a lay over in Phoenix. She met me at the airport with her two little girls so we could visit each other even though it was only for a short period of time. Her oldest daughter, Braelyn, who I've mentioned before, drew me a picture which touched my heart. Daniell told me that Braelyn loves my headbands and she was wearing her favorite one when I saw her at the airport! This is the picture that she drew for me below. It says, "To Janalee from Braelyn. I love your headbands. This is me riding a bike. These are birds. Happy New Year." How cute is that?