Monday, November 14, 2011

Easy way to get curl without using any heat!

Do you have a hard time keeping curl in your hair? I know that I do because my hair is really long and it bums me out that when I take the time to curl my hair it goes flat soon afterward! So do you know what I usually do with my hair because of this fact? I pretty much do nothing with it! Well i have good news for those who want to do things to their hair like curling it but thought it wasn't possible. The other day I found a tutorial about how to get vintage curls without any heat and decided to try it out for myself.

In this tutorial she has you wrap your hair around an elastic headband and this is what it looks like once you do. You can even wear this look out during the day and then have your hair curly for an evening look.

A view of what the back looks like.

After I slept on it I took the headband off and this was the result! My hair had lots of volume and I was totally surprised by how it turned out!

If you are interested in watching the video I found here is the link to view it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Somebody else's trash turned into MY treasure

So this past week I have been making a lot of necklaces and I realized that I don't have a great way for them to be hung nor displayed. I had an idea of turning a cork board into a pretty way to display/frame my necklaces:) I was able to find a cork board at D.I. for a dollar which was fantastic because I needed this project to be as inexpensive as possible! The rest of the materials I already had.
1. I painted the wooden frame of the cork board ( Two coats at least).

2. Place the fabric you want to cover the cork on top of the board. I used a pen and traced around the edges of the board so I knew how big of a piece of fabric I needed to cut.

3. Cut out the piece of fabric. Iron it if it is wrinkly or you will have a wrinkly center for your board!

4. I used Tacky glue and a paint brush to glue down all the edges (make sure to put glue around the whole cork board). I glued one length of the cork board at a time and then placed the fabric along that side and continued on to the next side until the fabric was all glued down.

5. To hide unfinished edges of my fabric I used ribbon to put on top and as an edging to add a little something.

6. For the finishing touch I decided to glue stringed pearls in the wooden groove of my cork board.

7. I used some push pins I already had to hold up my necklaces. At some point I might use screw in hooks just to make it look even nicer.

Today I received these pictures of Braelyn who absolutely LOVES the headbands her mom has purchased from me with this message, "She has stolen my absolute favorite!" Haha...Always make me feel good that people enjoy what I've created:)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lots to look forward to! :)

So it has been a while since I have even blogged which I hope to be better about. Look forward to my sister writing some blog posts because she is really entertaining and fun to read!

Updates since I last blogged: We did two photo shoots of accessories that I've created which I ALWAYS enjoy doing!For the last photo shoot I asked my friend Bri, who is a hair stylist, if she'd mind helping out. It was really nice because she did things to the girls hair that were simple yet looked great while wearing an accessory. Plus, it made the photo shoot feel like it was close to the real thing because models get their hair done professionally before pictures are taken of them! I have some ideas for hair styles for the next photo shoot which will be fun:) Oh and we took some pictures of my baby headbands finally! Here are a few pictures from the last photo shoots:)

I've been doing some research into options that will get my accessories out into the public to build my fan base etc. and hopefully soon there will be a website available to make purchases or through facebook so be looking forward to that as well! There is now a group on facebook that you can join to view pictures of what is new and available. Please feel free to take a look, join, or tell your friends about it:) The group is called "Wildflower Accessories" and you can also like my small business on facebook which will help others to know about my accessories! :)

As of late I have been making a few different types of flowers which will bring even more variety to what I've done so far. I'm excited to show off the finish products! There might even be some new style of jewelry too! So lots to look forward to:)

My best friends two little girls just love the headbands their mom has bought from me. They are so cute and it makes me feel good that they enjoy wearing them just as much or more than their mom! Haha...Braelyn even requested that her mom buy a pink one so she could wear it with an outfit she has! Thanks girls for your support and for being such great fans:)Here they both are sporting a headband.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A great gift for a great friend

This blog post is about one of my dear friends named Caitlin. We've known each other for over three years now and we have had a lot of fun times together. If you don't know Caitlin already you really should get to know her if at all possible because she is a hoot and keeps you on your toes! She would scare me at work on purpose when I was busily working away in my office and there's even a video to prove it! lol
So in September 2010 Caitlin became engaged. At her bridal shower I told her that my gift was going to be a hair accessory for her wedding day. She was thrilled at the idea which made me happy:) This is what the design of the flower turned out as per her request. It was then put on to a headband.

Here she is sporting it at a basketball game! Unfortunately there weren't any pictures taken of her wearing it at the receptions etc but that's okay :) Doesn't it just look great on her? The one great thing about this gift is that she can wear it over and over again for years to come as a married woman! Here's to you Caitlin :)

Caitlin has also helped me with two of my photo shoots by being a model for my accessories! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her wearing some Wildflower Accessories.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Customer Spot Light & Engagement

Today I want to spot light a loyal fan and frequent shopper of Wildflower Accessories named Elissa. She loves to buy my accessories not just for herself but also for her friends as gifts. Elissa has just recently gotten engaged to her fiance Tobin (congrats again!). I happened to be looking at their engagement photos when I saw some pictures of her wearing a headband that I custom made for her a few months ago! It has two flowers on it: one is a plaid (red,blue,yellow & white) and the other is made out of red satin. I loved that she accessorized her outfit with this headband. It made me feel oh so happy inside and that my customers look so cute in what they buy! Don't believe me? Check out the evidence below and you be the judge;) Thanks Elissa for being such a fan of my work and I wish you and Tobin all the best!

Thank you Morgan Bennett for giving me permission to use your photos! She has her own photography business called Morgan Bennett photography. Check her out on facebook!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas-the time of loving accessories by ALL

I went home for Christmas and I brought all of the hair accessories that I have yet to sell in case my family and friends wanted to buy some. My cousin Trena's little boy, Lucas, wanted to wear the pretty flowers on his head. He didn't care that they are meant for girls to wear haha...the pictures below are of my Grandma placing some on Trena's head after she's put some on Lucas's and just of Trena with Lucas. They're so cute!


I was able to meet up with one of my best friends, Daniell, while traveling back to Utah because I had a lay over in Phoenix. She met me at the airport with her two little girls so we could visit each other even though it was only for a short period of time. Her oldest daughter, Braelyn, who I've mentioned before, drew me a picture which touched my heart. Daniell told me that Braelyn loves my headbands and she was wearing her favorite one when I saw her at the airport! This is the picture that she drew for me below. It says, "To Janalee from Braelyn. I love your headbands. This is me riding a bike. These are birds. Happy New Year." How cute is that?