Thursday, January 31, 2013

On a new adventure

Isn't it funny how you might have a plan in mind for yourself and then things don't go according to that plan? Well that is what happened to me regarding school. I graduated finally from college which took a long time to accomplish (it really did )and I had no interest in going to grad school or anything like that like most people I knew. After graduating I never got a job that really related or used my degree! So what was the point of getting it is what crossed my mind.

Almost two years pass by and I found myself feeling like something was missing. I was bored and wanted more for my life...I mean the job that I was working at at the time was not what I wanted to do for a living and it was very trying in a variety of ways, I had no desire to live anywhere else in the current city I was in so what to do? Mind you I had about a month left of my contract when all of this was happening. I felt good about quitting my job so I could focus on figuring out what I was going to do next and so I did and I don't have any regrets about it to this day! Now I'm jobless and I have a month to figure out what I am doing. No big deal right?

 The thought of going back to school crossed my mind. Yes, I know you are thinking really? I was kinda surprised myself. So I looked into what schools near me offered fashion classes. I found a school which wasn't too far from where I currently was living and it would allow me to be close to family and not far from friends if I wanted to go visit. For those who know me well know that I don't particularly like big change(s) and moving to another city would be a BIG change. However, I prayed about what I should do. At first I went with the decision to stay where I was for a few months longer and then attend school but it didn't feel like I got it quite right so I figured that meant to move and attend school in the fall. So I packed up and drove the moving truck myself with my mom. Let me tell you I was very proud of myself for driving that truck and now I can say that I have had that experience :)

Anyway, I started school and was nervous for mainly 1 reason... I don't know about you but I have always liked watching Project Runway and I always thought it was so cool what they do on the show but I never thought I could do that myself. So there I was about to start something that I was not sure that I could do! It turns out that I survived my first semester with flying colors! Don't be deceived I worked hard and got a 4.0 which made all the effort worth it! Fashion school has been fun because I it allows me to be creative and it is challenging as well! There is a lot of work that goes into being a designer and I no longer look at clothing the same way!

 Here is some of what I have done in fashion school thus far and there will be updates on this continuing adventure! These pictures are of the fashion figure which is called a "croqui". I drew these for my final project in my illustration class.

For an assignment we had to make an accessory. I made 2 necklaces and while I was presenting them to the class I had two people asking to buy them! This is the only one that I chose to sell.

                                               Lastly this is a picture I drew with colored pencil.

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