Saturday, December 4, 2010

Customer Spotlight(s)

So from time to time I want to feature customers of mine and their comments about what they've purchased or ordered from me. First is Heather and her daughter Mackenzie.

The first purchase Heather made was this red and tan flower that I listed on

Heather's comment about her flowers: "I love the hair bows! They are so cute and so well made. I gave one to my sister and she just loves it! Thank you for customizing the flowers to go with my college colors! You did an amazing job, anyone who buys your product will be 100% pleased!"

Mackenzie sporting the same flower her mom is wearing above.

The next customer spotlight goes to my best friend Daniell and her daughter Braelyn. So Daniell had asked me to remake her some head bands that I had already sold (I really don't make two of the exact same head bands because they are all unique but I don't mind remaking them when asked ^_^). I received a picture message from Daniell with the following message attached to it:"Brae is superstar kid of the week and begged me to wear my favorite head band that you made. I haven't even worn it yet! She feels so cool wearing it."

Doesn't she look cute?! Every girl young or mature (not old!) loves to look and feel good:) Thank you lovely ladies of all ages for your comments and for sharing your wildflower experience! Look forward to more customer spotlights :)

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