Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Somebody else's trash turned into MY treasure

So this past week I have been making a lot of necklaces and I realized that I don't have a great way for them to be hung nor displayed. I had an idea of turning a cork board into a pretty way to display/frame my necklaces:) I was able to find a cork board at D.I. for a dollar which was fantastic because I needed this project to be as inexpensive as possible! The rest of the materials I already had.
1. I painted the wooden frame of the cork board ( Two coats at least).

2. Place the fabric you want to cover the cork on top of the board. I used a pen and traced around the edges of the board so I knew how big of a piece of fabric I needed to cut.

3. Cut out the piece of fabric. Iron it if it is wrinkly or you will have a wrinkly center for your board!

4. I used Tacky glue and a paint brush to glue down all the edges (make sure to put glue around the whole cork board). I glued one length of the cork board at a time and then placed the fabric along that side and continued on to the next side until the fabric was all glued down.

5. To hide unfinished edges of my fabric I used ribbon to put on top and as an edging to add a little something.

6. For the finishing touch I decided to glue stringed pearls in the wooden groove of my cork board.

7. I used some push pins I already had to hold up my necklaces. At some point I might use screw in hooks just to make it look even nicer.

Today I received these pictures of Braelyn who absolutely LOVES the headbands her mom has purchased from me with this message, "She has stolen my absolute favorite!" Haha...Always make me feel good that people enjoy what I've created:)

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